Focus and scope

Meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement and ensuring that Europe becomes the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, requires European cities to be in the driving seat of the climate transition. The climate crisis has already triggered many European cities to declare climate emergency and take ambitious climate action. Their contribution to the European Green Deal is also essential to strengthen the European efforts towards climate neutrality by 2050. 

While more and more European cities have vowed to become climate-neutral by mid-century or even earlier, only few have been able to translate these commitments into precise and tangible transition plans for their territories. It is therefore critical that these cities obtain the necessary knowledge, know-how and information, in order to make the right choices to determine the most effective pathways towards their climate neutrality.

Inspired by the innovative modelling tool of the European Calculator, the project EUCityCalc (2021 – 2024) aims to support cities in developing and implementing scientifically robust, detailed and integrated transition pathways towards climate neutrality. The project aims to empower cities to devise a clear and concrete roadmap towards climate neutrality.

These locally owned pathways will serve to inform other policy scenarios and transition roadmaps, such as the revision of SECAPs in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. The pilot cities are running a key stakeholders engagement process on their territories, that will firstly target key stakeholders in local working groups, and in a second stage address a broader stakeholder community and the public through multi-stakeholder dialogues.

This participatory process in each of the pilot cities aims to leverage local ownership and public backing of their transition pathway towards climate neutrality.