Exploring Setúbal: discovering together how to become climate-neutral by 2050! 

While more and more European cities have vowed to become climate-neutral by mid-century or even earlier, only few have been able to translate these commitments into precise and tangible transition plans for their territories. It is therefore critical that these cities obtain the necessary knowledge, know-how and information, in order to make the right choices to determine the most effective pathways towards their climate neutrality.

Within the EUCityCalc project, 10 cities from 6 countries all over Europe are working together to reach climate neutrality. Thanks to the application of the EU City Calculator Tool, cities will be able to visualize and simulate low carbon scenarios and to assess the implications and trade-offs related to the implementation of mitigation measures.

The EUCityCalc project partners met in Setúbal to assess the first achieved results and to plan the next steps of their work towards the implementation of the EU City Calculator Tool. The pilot cities had the change to experience and test the first version of the tool, getting familiar with it and giving feedback on their users’ experience.

During 3 days, the project partners could exchange and discuss about several topics with the main aim to improve the project implementation process and maximize its impact. Specifically, they had the possibility to share their own views and experiences on stakeholders’ engagement and on the different strategies to boost co-creation and replicate processes in different territorial contexts. These topics were furthered developed during 4 inspiring sessions in which keynote speakers engaged participants in a reflection on how to engage different stakeholders and citizens in climate transition.