Low-carbon scenarios for your city’s transition

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The EUCityCalc learning programme: design your city transition pathway with the EU City Calculator webtool 

Join the free learning programme about EU City Calculator webtool to ground your city’s transition pathway on insightful and clear visualizations of low-carbon scenarios, populated with your city’s real data, as well as some key socio-demographic trends.  The programme is made of two courses that require two hours of time investment each. No previous knowledge of data visualisation tools and management is required.  

An engaging, complete learning experience 

The EUCityCalc learning programme will be made of traditional lessons, interactive activities, individual work, and teamwork and they will all have a certified track for the ones who complete all the activities and successfully pass the knowledge tests. Indeed, the training aims to build up the capacity and skills of participants by engaging them with an active learning approach

The first course is about how to #1 Build data-based scenarios for cities climate neutrality and it will be available in English from 26 February to 31 May. The Italian, French and Czech version will be out on 11 March. Once you complete this course you will be able to: 

  •  build a case for the adoption of a prospective and modelling tool (such as EU City Calculator); 
  •  embed this tool into your city’s strategy for climate neutrality

The second one is about how to #2 Master the link between policies, data and low carbon scenarios and it will be available from 15 April to 31 July. By completing this course, you will be able to:  

  • weight the full potential of prospective modelling tools and more specifically of EU City Calculator webtool; 
  • assess the human and financial resources required for its implementation; 
  • find the right argument to convince your city to adopt EU City Calculator. 

By attending both courses you will progressively get familiar with data modelling tools and discover how to master the EU City Calculator to design locally owned transition pathways. At the end of the learning programme, the webtool will be freely available and you will be able to autonomously upload your city’s data and use it for engaging local stakeholders and to support your decision-making processes.  

Finally, don’t miss the chance to participate in the in-person training offered by our pilot cities in Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic and Latvia in June 2024. This training – a two-day workshop including hands-on exercises – will be in local languages and designed to help you set up and implement the EU City Calculator: from gathering raw data to the implementation of climate neutrality pathways.  

Register now for our newsletter to know when to apply to join the in-person training sponsored by the project.   

A webtool designed with cities to meet their climate-related needs 

The EU City Calculator is a free and open source webtool designed with and by cities in the framework of a Horizon-funded project (EUCityCalc) gathering eleven European partner organisations across eight different countries (Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Portugal), led by Energy Cities. Besides, the webtool has been tested in 10 European pilot cities of different sizes and with different socio-economic conditions, and they have largely contributed to simplifying the data input process and improving the user experience.  

The learning programme comes as a further support to cities and local stakeholders to exploit the full potential of data to analyse the situation at their local level, and to develop transition pathways by seeing the potential impact of some mitigation actions via a scientifically sound data modelling tool.  Enroll today!

The EU City Calculator programme in a nutshell: 

Format: two courses + in-person workshop in the six pilot countries

Duration: 4 hours of time investments 

Video lessons: 50% 

Activities: 20% 

Tests: 20% 

Reading: 10% 

Certificate: at the end of each course 

Prerequisites: none 

Start today your learning journey towards your city’s climate neutrality! 

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